Every neighborhood includes family and community members who need extra help – briefly or permanently – to stay stable and live a resilient life. CHW sets aside supportive housing apartments with the essential social services to support these residents.  


Permanent supportive housing residents may come from homelessness or have a destabilizing disability, such as mental illness, a substance abuse disorder, or veteran post-traumatic stress disorder. Other supportive housing benefits domestic violence families, developmentally disabled adults, at-risk young mothers, or transition-age youth leaving the foster care system.

Since 1989, Community HousingWorks has been providing supportive and permanent supportive housing for homeless and disabled residents, with services provided by local service partners. 


CHW was an early member of the County Regional Continuum of Care, has received HUD SHP funding for over 20 years, and actively uses the Coordinated Entry System.  CHW’s HUD SHP apartment residents have been successful in achieving stability and other resident success outcomes.
Some Community HousingWorks communities are 100% supportive housing.  More often, we have included homeless residents as part of larger affordable communities, starting with our innovative integration of homeless families into Cedar Apartments in 1994.
As of the end of 2017, CHW provided over 140 supportive and permanent supportive housing apartments across the county.  Community partners include many county-funded agencies, from HomeStart to North County Lifeline, from the San Diego LGBT Community Center to Interfaith Community Services. The County Child Welfare Services (CWS) and the Regional Center also provide services. Community HousingWorks apartments and our partners serve homeless populations with HIV/AIDS, homeless veterans, homeless and disabled seniors, TAY foster youth, CWS-at-risk young mothers and children, adults with developmental disabilities, and homeless CWS-client parents reuniting with their children after substance abuse treatment.