Community HousingWorks’ innovative financial well-being programs have served over 9,000 residents since 2004, meeting people where they are in three program areas.

Programs include:

Through our Rental Home Stability Program (RHSP), our accredited financial coaches help households at risk of eviction to regain stability. This innovative program, the only of its kind in San Diego, was recognized in a national review as one of seven best-practices programs in the nation, and has an 80% success rate. Residents use RHSP financial coaching, community resources and payment plans to prevent the eviction and restart their future.
Community HousingWorks’ Financial Fitness class uses a group coaching model to help residents more effectively manage their money and make positive financial choices to meet self-identified goals.  Help with budgeting, a credit report and an online financial toolbox of free tools support their success. In 2017, 55% of participants raised their credit scores in just six months by an average of 50 points, and several reached the 680 credit score threshold of solid “good” credit.
We help low-income households reach their personal goals to build income and achieve their goals: increased savings, buying a house, purchasing a vehicle, starting a business, paying for education, or a retirement plan. Residents use individual coaching to set and attain an asset-building goal. They can then access a CHW match saving program, or join a Financial Health Club for peer support and ideas.